A Christian and an Atheist Walk into a Bar

Freedom of Religion

September 20, 2021 Neil Newton and Philip Thompson Season 1 Episode 4
A Christian and an Atheist Walk into a Bar
Freedom of Religion
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In Episode 4 of ACAAAWIAB, Neil and Phil explore the meaning of freedom of religion. What is  is it? What are some common ways it's misunderstood? Can real belief even exist without it? We'll discuss British theologian Leslie Newbigin's distinction between de facto and ideological pluralism and how it applies to contemporary society, the parable of the blind men and the elephant, and the telephone game. And it will all connect… somehow…

In “Should I Really Care About This?” we discuss relegation and promotion in professional sports and why U.S. sports desperately need it. 

Beers appearing in this episode:
Modern Times Coffee Stout
Trace Brewing Tessellated Paradise

What we're drinking
Phil gripes about how freedom of religion is misunderstood by Christians
Christianity is no longer the dominant belief system in the U.S.
De facto pluralism and ideological pluralism
Nihilist pluralism and the association of whiteness with cultural norms
Atheism and pluralism
Christendom is over, but that doesn't mean Christianity is over
Freedom of religion is essential to true belief
The parable of the blind men and the elephant
Rumor/telephone game
Should I really care about this? Relegation and promotion in sports