A Christian and an Atheist Walk into a Bar

Know Your Religions

September 07, 2021 Neil Newton and Philip Thompson Season 1 Episode 3
A Christian and an Atheist Walk into a Bar
Know Your Religions
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In Episode 3 of ACAAAWIAB, Neil and Phil explore how there is often a difference between what we say we believe and what we really believe. Maybe we participate in institutional religion and maybe we don’t, but either way we may find that aspects of our experience such as economics, science, or technology (or all three) begin to function as unofficial belief systems. We’ll discuss ideas by Roy Clouser, Bob Goudzwaard, John Rapley, Kenneth, Arrow, and David Graber who makes an encore appearance. (Editor’s note: when Phil was talking about Roy Clouser’s theory of religious dependency structures, he mistakenly called him Neil Clouser. Probably because he was talking to Neil at the time.)

In “Should I Really Care About This?” We’ll discover the important truth that orange juice and eggs are not just breakfast foods.

Beers appearing in this episode:

Cinderlands Brewing Monaca S’mores Stout

Einstok Icelandic White Ale


Kenneth Arrow's "Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care" (1963) can be found here.

John Rapley's "How Economics Became a Religion" (2017) in The Guardian

What we're drinking today
Religion or belief system?
Roy (not Neil) Clouser's religious dependency structures
The war on Christmas?
Barbecue or cookout? (an aside)
Economics as religion
Science as religion
Scientism, Economism, and Technicism
Founding myths in capitalism
Competition or branding?
Asymmetrical information
Islamic free markets in the Middle Ages
Competition or cooperation in evolution
Recognizing actual shared religious frameworks
Modern ordeals as paths to "truth"
Know your religions
Should I really care about this? Eggs are not exclusively breakfast!