A Christian and an Atheist Walk into a Bar

Dismantling Dualism

March 12, 2022 Neil Newton and Philip Thompson Season 1 Episode 9
A Christian and an Atheist Walk into a Bar
Dismantling Dualism
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In this episode we get down into the weeds discussing the philosophical problem of dualisms touching on the work of Hermann Dooyeweerd (Dutch Neo-Calvinism), Graham Harman (Object Oriented Ontology), and Emmannuel Levinas. But hang in there! We also delve into some very concrete expressions of dualism as found in Terry Gilliam and Tool, and it may even help us understand why the internet is so frequently awful! On a more serious note, understanding and dismantling dualism can give us tools to help confront white supremacism. 

Beer appearing in this episode: Cinderlands Spirit Clean Triple IPA

Should I Really Care About This? We recorded a segment of SIRCAT discussing whether protective gear in American football can in fact, make the game more dangerous. We concluded that it does but talking about CTE just wasn’t as lighthearted as these segments usually are. So, should I really care about how protective gear in football can make the game more dangerous? Yes, for sure. We’ll be back with a new SIRCAT in the Episode 10.

What are we drinking (or not)?
The ultimate segue into dualism
Non dualistic philosophies of Dooyeweerd and Harman
Discussing Levinas' "Reflection of Hitlerism"
Dangers of an overly rigid view of experience
The Persistence of the nature-freedom dualism
Can we escape dualistic expressions?
Popular perspectives: Tool's "Pneuma"
Dualism and the internet
Why does it matter?